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Rx Potential

Evaluate the potential of your pre-launch product in a real-life setting

In traditional TPP research, physicians can overstate the extent to which they are likely to prescribe the proposed product.

Rx Potential uses mobile app technology to test your pre-launch product profile with physicians in both a theoretical and real-life clinical setting to get a truer picture of physician decisions.

Using real patient cases, we assess the situations and patient types in which your product will most likely find initial usage, while also understanding the existing products that it may displace.

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Rx Potential resources:

Pharmacist holding box

Case study

How a real-world methodology was used to understand the potential for a pre-launched product in type 2 diabetes.

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Digital #MRX 2020


Digital #MRX: How to use the latest technology to conduct market research in the age of COVID-19 and beyond.


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John Branston


John is a Director in the European client service team. He has 17 years experience in healthcare market research, conducting both qualitative and quantitative projects. In 2000, he started to explore and develop the use of the internet as a research tool. John won the Jack Hayhurst Award for best paper at the EphMRA Conference 2012 in Paris for his presentation on mobile research and is pioneering new research approaches using this methodology.