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The Wallabies’ inability to ice England may haunt them at the 2023 World Cup

With a deflated crowd, the end of an historic venue and a grinning Eddie Jones, it was a night of lost opportunities for Australian rugby.

Iain Payten
Iain Payten

Deputy Sports Editor

Wallabies player ratings: How the men in gold fared in the third Test against England

England have clinched the Ella-Mobbs Cup with a 21-17 victory over Australia in the final Test at the SCG. We rate those who delivered when it mattered most.

Tom Decent
Tom Decent


Rugby is kidding itself if it is still looking down at the NRL

Sporting contests should be decided by three main factors: players, coaches, officials. The Origin result was decided in that order, but as for the 15-man game...

Paul Cully
Paul Cully

Rugby columnist


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Luke Cowan-Dickie celebrates victory.
Wallabies 17 England 21
Australian rugby

Key errors cost ‘gutted’ Wallabies as England seal series with victory at SCG

Australia scored first but stumbled when it mattered most to suffer a 21-17 defeat and hand England the Ella-Mobbs Trophy on a silver platter.

  • by Tom Decent
Eddie Jones and Nic White have had a bit to say this week.

‘He’s the biggest niggler of all time’: Eddie fires back at White

England coach Eddie Jones says it’s a case of ‘pot calling the kettle black’ for Wallabies halfback Nic White to be talking about niggle on the rugby pitch.

  • by Tom Decent

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