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PSP Enhance

Delivering insights to help develop effective patient support programmes

Patient support programmes (PSPs) meet a range of needs, from helping patients manage their disease through lifestyle advice and disease education, to helping with adherence to medication, and providing support with finances and reimbursement. All have one goal in mind – to improve the patient journey, and ultimately patient outcomes. Doing so helps pharma differentiate and cement brand leadership in a therapy area.

However, whilst a significant number of PSPs are now available, only a minority are adopted by patients. Why is that? A key challenge for pharma is to develop a PSP based on the right value drivers so that is utilised, valued and has a definite real-world impact on both the patient and HCP experience. Gathering insights to understand roadblocks and unmet needs in the patient journey helps identify key drivers, guide the development and track the success of an effective programme. Using our knowledge and extensive experience in this area, we have developed a branded approach called PSP Enhance to support PSP development, execution and monitoring.

With our systematic process and robust methodologies, we can help you to:

  • Explore unmet needs
  • Identity key value drivers
  • Test concepts and guide strategy development
  • Monitor success and make recommendations for ongoing improvement

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PSP Enhance resources:



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