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Expertise across a broad range of markets and therapy areas from chronic illnesses to rare diseases

The global pharmaceutical industry must rise to a number of considerable challenges in the coming decade, most notably: 

  • Finding and delivering effective vaccines and therapies to save lives and end the pandemic
  • Handling the rising costs of bringing a new drug to market, coupled with increased scrutiny from
    payers over the price of medicines and the need to demonstrate value
  • Having a limited pipeline of new medicines
  • Finding cures for incurable diseases, especially those that are rare, in cancer or neuro-degenerative diseases
  • The shifting trend towards disease prevention and self-care
  • The pace of technology innovation and digitalisation in advancing healthcare

Research Partnership has the therapy area expertise, global and local market knowledge and full service market research capabilities to help you gather the evidence and insights you need to meet the demands of the future.

Therapy Areas

Therapy areas

Learn about our experience in conducting global pharmaceutical market research in all the major therapeutic areas.

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Lifecycle Solutions

Lifecycle solutions

Discover how we deliver intelligent insights through the pharmaceutical product lifecycle.

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Whilst social distancing under the pandemic is still in force, we can provide support with digital qualitative and quantitative methodologies to support your objectives. We are happy to provide advice on the situation in different markets regarding recruitment and interviewing.

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