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Patient market research

Get a deeper understanding of your patients' attitudes, behaviours and unmet needs

Patients are now better informed about their health and highly involved in making decisions about their treatment. As pharmaceutical companies strive to become more patient-centric, there is a need for them to carry out patient market research to develop the same strong understanding of the patient as they have of the physician.

Guide: Understand the patient journey using a multi-stakeholder approach

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We offer both custom and syndicated solutions, and to facilitate the move towards better understanding patient behaviour, we can help with:

  • Complete understanding of the patient journey from pre-diagnosis to stabilisation, covering the healthcare, disease, emotional and digital pathways, identifying the roadblocks to successful outcomes 
  • Healthcare market research involving all relevant stakeholders, including physicians, other healthcare professionals, advocacy groups, payers, patients and caregivers, employing observational and behavioural economic techniques to recreate the real-world experience 
  • Research with patients at earlier stages in the product lifecycle, such as in clinical trial design or early-stage market understanding 
  • Recruitment and research with hard-to-reach patients, such as those with rare diseases, or those patients at later stages in their disease, as well as those with long-term chronic conditions
  • Mobile and digital ethnographic approaches to get you closer to the patient and capture insights in-the-moment 
  • Patient willingness to pay in countries where healthcare expenditure can be out-of-pocket such as the US and emerging markets
  • Patient segmentation research in order to understand the characteristics of specific groups of patients to target for disease awareness, communication and around the pill support initiatives
  • Storytelling and data visualised outputs to facilitate greater understanding of the patient journey within and across your organisation

Learn more about our Syndicated research solutions and how they deliver real-world insights across a broad range of disease areas

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