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Mark Hollis re-joins Therapy Watch as a Research Director

February 22, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Mark Hollis has re-joined Therapy Watch as a Research Director. Mark will support TW’s COVID and Rheumatology portfolio and is based at the company’s headquarters in London.

Mark H- new image 13 MarHe has previously worked at IQVIA, IHS, Datamonitor, and McKesson and has over 14 years of global experience across syndicated and consulting products working with primary
and secondary research and analysis across biopharma, medtech and healthcare.

Speaking about his appointment, CEO Gareth Phillips commented, “We are very pleased to welcome Mark back to the team. His syndicated expertise will be a great asset to the Therapy Watch team, which aims to support growth and stay at the forefront of syndicated insights.”

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