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Healthcare: Qualitative research

Our Qualitative Centre of Excellence team ensures we provide the most innovative, intelligent and output-focused qualitative research

We provide high-quality healthcare qualitative market research solutions. Using both new and established methodologies, we design bespoke solutions to give you insights from early-stage commercial development through to launch and beyond.

We help you:

  • identify unmet needs
  • get a deep understanding of the market and your competitors
  • map the patient journey
  • explore patient behaviours and needs
  • explore the right positioning for your brand
  • develop effective communications 

We socialise our insights, with visual outputs including animations, videos and infographics, to bring the healthcare experience to life.  

Understanding the Healthcare Professional 
We access the opinions of all HCPs - from KOLs and therapy area experts, specialists and GPs/PCPs, as well as nurses and other healthcare professionals. Our experts draw on their skills in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), behavioural science and collaborative enquiry to help you understand what is driving perceptions, beliefs and behaviours. We use the insights to recommend ways to influence behaviour change
Understanding the Patient 

Today’s patients are much more educated and engaged in decision-making about their health. With pharma taking a more patient-centric approach, commercial teams need to ensure they have an equally deep understanding of the patient as they do the physician.

We help by:

  • undertaking both qualitative research with patients and patient journey studies with all the stakeholders involved in delivering patient care and support, including patient advocacy groups (PAGs) and charities
  • using methods designed to meet each set of objectives including observation, ethnography, virtual reality, and mobile techniques that are used to mimic the real-world experience
  • getting access to patients, including those who are hard-to-reach, or who have a rare disease and have the experience to handle interviewing sensitively.
Communicating with Customers 
Test the effectiveness of your brand communications with stakeholders across both traditional and digital channels. Our experts support brand positioning and re-positioning, message evaluation and concept testing, through to evaluation of in-person or e-detailing materials. We work with our innovation team to deliver unique methodologies - such as our award-winning use of facial analysis for added insight into reactions to visual stimuli. Our agile iterative methods and workshopping techniques get you to your optimum position quickly and flexibly.


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Anne Cunningham


Anne heads up the Qualitative Centre of Excellence team and is based in the London office. She has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare market research and has particular interest in customer journey, emotional insights and patient research.


Matthew Newman

Research Director

Matthew heads up our Qualitative Centre of Excellence team and has been integral in developing our approach to market research online communities. Matthew has over 20 years' experience in pharmaceutical market research and has a wealth of experience working across a range of therapy areas. He is particularly skilled working on qualitative projects with insight mining in market landscape and communications research.