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Emotion AI

Assess emotional responses using artificial intelligence

Technology such as AI is revolutionising the way in which we conduct market research. At Research Partnership, we leverage AI technology to conduct emotion analysis. A wealth of information can be drawn from our facial expressions and vocal sentiment, which can be incredibly valuable for uncovering emotional insights. Watch the below video to find out more.

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Does your expression give you away?

Emotional information can be assessed from our facial expressions and vocal sentiment. Brief involuntary flashes of emotion or ‘micro-expressions’ can reveal a lot about a person’s true feelings. For market researchers interested in the emotional responses driving people’s attitudes and behaviour, this information is invaluable but can often be difficult to obtain. We employ artificial intelligence in the recording of respondent interviews to detect the range of emotions in people’s faces as well as their vocal sentiment.

Behavioural scientists have concluded that stimulus materials that are designed to have an emotional impact are most likely to have a behavioural resonance but when asked directly, respondents can often find it difficult to articulate how they really feel. Furthermore, the post-rationalisation of responses can lead researchers further from the truth. Emotion analytics help to overcome this by capturing instinctive reactions through which responses can be better contextualised.

How it works

Emotion AI uses recognition software and machine learning techniques to detect emotional insights from facial expressions and elicit deeper meaning from tone of voice. When used in combination with traditional market research methods, facial and sentiment analysis can deliver an additional layer of insight by uncovering the emotional reaction to stimulus, whether static or dynamic. It is particularly useful for testing communications designed to evoke emotional responses such as product messages, creative concepts, disease awareness campaigns and digital resources.

Emotion AI resources:

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Richard Head

Senior Director

Richard Head is a Senior Director based at the London office. He has over 15 years experience in healthcare market research consulting. Richard has built up expertise in a wide range of methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative, across many therapy areas. He has particular expertise in interpreting the findings from qualitative and quantitative market research to identify business opportunities and optimise the value proposition for healthcare products. In 2017, he won the EphMRA Presidents Award for his contribution to pharmaceutical market research.