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Emerging markets

Understanding through experience

Emerging markets offer exciting potential. However, these markets are uncertain, less understood and constantly changing. How can global pharma hope to ensure success in these unchartered territories?

Our emerging markets team can help. Over one third of the projects we manage cover one or more of the key countries ear-marked for growth. We carry out large-scale qualitative and quantitative studies across a range of therapy areas, throughout the product lifecycle, in BRIC and beyond. Book a meeting to learn more.

We know these markets and understand their complexities and characteristics. We apply the same high standards to emerging markets studies as we do all our projects and work with trusted partners on the ground to ensure research is carried out rigorously. Our presentations answer your marketing question, offering clear recommendations for action.



Emerging market resources:

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Explore and download a range of resources.

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New Dawn magazine

Download various volumes of our emerging markets magazine.

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New product uptake case study

RP Informs

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Regional expertise:


ASEAN (Association of South East Nations)

We have conducted over 150 healthcare market research projects across ASEAN covering a wide variety of research objectives and over 28 therapy areas, for both local and international organisations.

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MENA (Middle East and North Africa)

Our emerging markets team has considerable expertise in MENA having conducted over 60 projects in 13 Middle Eastern and Northern African and can support you with your market research needs. 

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North Asia

Our emerging markets team has conducted over 400 projects in the North Asia markets, with our Asia headquarters located in Singapore, and can support your market research needs. 

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Communication trends in Latin America Oct 2019

Latin America

We have conducted over 250 healthcare market research projects across Latin America and the Caribbean covering a wide variety of research objectives and therapy areas.

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Marc Yates

Marc Yates

Senior Director Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets

Marc is head of RP's dedicated Emerging Markets division. He has 35 years’ experience of market research, and has specialized in healthcare research since 1996. Marc spent 15 years in Asia, including postings in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2012 he relocated back to London working closely with pharma companies looking to maximise their ROI in emerging markets. Marc is a regular speaker at industry events and has presented papers on Emerging Markets at EphMRA and PBIRG conferences.