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Digital health

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Advances in technology have led to exciting growth in the area of digital health. Based on our digital health framework, we provide custom research and consultancy to support the development and launch of a range of digital health products and services:

Digital solutions i6z_-nww Digital diagnostics Digital medicines
Digital solutions Digital therapeutics   Digital diagnostics Digital medicines
What are they? 

Telemedicine, Health and internet hospitals / remote testing, home delivery services and workflow optimisation.

Evidence-based therapeutic interventions using software programmes.

Automated health assessments carried out electronically and virtually.

Pharmaceuticals that combine a prescription medication with an ingestible component.
How we can help

Adopting new products and new ways of doing things requires a shift in mindset and a change in behaviour. We can give you the required insights to successfully introduce digital health products and services to market. 

In telehealth, we can help you to understand unmet needs of doctors and patients, the optimal features for a telemedicine or mHealth service, as well as likely take-up, challenges to adoption and evaluate success to launch and beyond. 

For digital therapeutics and diagnostics, our specialist medtech team, based across both the US and EU, can support you with the full range of MRX methodologies through the product lifecycle, from concept testing, value proposition development to monitoring uptake post launch.

For digital medicines, our qualitative and quantitative specialists use their expertise in prescription medicines to apply custom research solutions to support the effective launch of new innovative modes of administration.
Case studies 
How we helped determine the ideal telemedicine service for ophthalmic conditions.

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How we assessed demand & competition for a novel digital implantable therapeutic.

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How we assessed the ongoing market opportunity for a digital health solution.

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How we helped a joint venture in the strategic development of a digital diagnostic tool.

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Digital health resources

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Digital health tools report

We surveyed a wide range of physicians in the US, Europe and China to answer key questions about the impact of COVID-19 on the use of digital health tools.



Telemedicine report

We commissioned a self-funded qualitative study amongst ECPs (eye care professionals) and patients in US, Germany, and China to understand the opportunities and challenges for telemedicine solutions.


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