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Client satisfaction & reviews

We maintain high standards by continually monitoring and requesting feedback

We are fortunate to enjoy a high level of satisfaction and repeat business from our clients.

At the end of every project, we ask you to complete a short online questionnaire. We use the findings to evaluate our performance and make improvements when necessary.  Key results are published annually here, as well as any other reviews we receive from clients.

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"I would like to thank you for the great work done for the positioning project. We achieved our objectives successfully and are excited to execute now in the countries. We really liked working with you on this and highly appreciate the professionalism and expertise running this important project. Thank you very much on behalf of the entire EM Specialty team.”
Specialty TA Lead, Emerging Markets

"Thank you so much for delivering a final report and final presentation. This project has many legs and all the data will be used to support so many new product approvals and answer many of the questions that we have been asked.  RP has always done a great job with providing concise headlines and recommendations – you really listened and understood our business needs. A great big THANK YOU for collaborating with us on this project – we are very happy and satisfied with the work output.  Congratulations for a job well done (again)!”
Director, Portfolio & Strategic Marketing

"The team has been GREAT to work with! The reports were highly detailed and well thought through with some great insights. Everyone was friendly to work with and understanding of the project goals. I always felt like I had a good pulse on the project as the team does a great job of communicating and staying in touch with updates. The team was always very flexible and accommodating to our requests and feedback. We had several good discussions on the survey material to make sure we got it right and truly felt like we were in good hands. Overall, very happy with the data and analysis we have gotten back and the team was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to more projects together in the future. 😊 .”
Senior Analyst, Global Market Intelligence

"Thank you so much for being a thought partner with us every step of the way – I know the objectives of the study were two-fold, but I think we got a good balance on both topics and it gives us a lot to think about as we continue to refine the activation strategy and prioritise tactics for next year.”
Senior Manager

"This work was really well thought through and executed by the team. Thank you RP team, really appreciate all of the work that went into this!”
Director, Business Analytics & Insights

"I would like to praise some good work that your team did for one of my projects. After a long time I reviewed the report and I once more figured out that the report they developed was and remains a piece of incredible work. It is well structured, incredibly well laid out, and easy to understand if I haven’t been part of the research. I haven’t seen reports like that in my 15 year career in primary market research. I would love to have your team in some of our future projects!”
Global Lead Market Intelligence

"There was a lot to unpack in the study and I think even a year from now we will be finding some insights and using the feedback to steer initiatives and campaigns. The feedback from the teams that have seen the data have been extremely positive so far and invigorated the team to tackle some of the challenges that were outlined and we are digging further into some initiatives that can combat some of the pushback. Thank you again for the great work!”

"Thank you! Really appreciate your team’s partnership. I tell everyone it is the best of any agency partner we work with!”
Global Franchise Head

“Thanks for the awesome partnership and walking the team through the results in detail. The research was well conducted, and results were well synthesized which was evident from the team’s tone on how helpful they will be in further enhancing the website design and ease of use. Thanks for all the hard work and quick turnaround of the study.”
Senior Manager

"This is definitely insightful and comprehensive market research, which is indeed valuable for us to sharpen our strategy."
Senior Product Manager, China