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Agile methods

Benefit from up-to-the-minute insights generated using responsive, iterative research methods

Agility is one of our core values. Our independence means we can respond quickly to change and embrace new methodologies and techniques. Our flexibility allows us to be highly responsive to your individual needs.

Being agile is not just about speed. We believe it’s about being nimble – identifying the optimal size survey needed to address the business questions – reducing the need for large samples, multiple markets and long interview durations.

Our agile manifesto

We focus on:

  • Business need
  • Producing easily digestible insights
  • Exploratory / flexible research objectives
  • Minimum viable feedback

To facilitate this, we leverage appropriate methodologies and technologies, such as:

  • Mobile surveys and mobile ethnography
  • Natural language processing
  • Live dashboard reporting
  • Transcription tools and auto-coding verbatims
  • Instant video capture & editing
  • Software for quick survey / screening creation

We offer both agile qualitative and qualitative solutions. Our qualitative approaches fall largely into four types of research:

Sprint response:
Quick and nimble qualitative projects that provide timely feedback at the end of development sprints.

A community of patients / HCPs are recruited to take part in a longitudinal online study that maintains a relationship over time.

Iterative research:
Stimuli are developed iteratively over the course of research, thus removing the need for multiple rounds of testing as stimuli are iterated throughout feedback.

Short qualitative style interviews are used to quickly explore a small number of topics and provide rapid in-depth feedback on a narrow window of objectives.

Our agile quantitative approaches fall largely into two types of research:

Quick surveys:
Short surveys with limited samples / markets. Useful for a quick read of a potential market event, or quick insight into potential volume estimates etc.

Mobile capture surveys:
We pioneered the use of mobile technology to deliver “in-the-moment” market research. Our mobile studies capture immediate, rich and detailed insights at the patient and physician level.


Agile methods resources:

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Our paper ‘Agile research: Buzzword or game changer?’ was presented at PMRC EU by Director Dan Coffin.

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