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Warm Welcome

My lovely readers, I’m back! I apologize for completely disappearing from my blog for so long, let alone right in the middle of a challenge! Towards the end of the Summer I began to spread myself too thin between this blog, my youtube channel, my […]

Happy August!

With a new month ahead of me, new ideas have coated my mind the way a nice hot ganache melts over a cake (wow, I’m craving chocolate so badly right now.) Great opportunities have been arising within the past week that I hope to continue all […]

Something Super Exciting Happened Today.

I was posting a picture to my instagram of my cheese making experience, tributing my progress in cooking to my mom and dad. I hadn’t realized how much I had been posting about food on my instagram until I got a text from my friend. She jokingly asked me to be her private chef.

I (half) jokingly told her if she ever needed me to cater her I would. And that’s when something awesome happened.

She responded, extremely excited (at least, I think so… you can’t easily tell emotions via text. Especially when no Emojis are being used) talking about how fun it would be if I catered desserts for her birthday party. Before I could even say yes, she was saying how we must sit down and plan it out.

Of course, I am BEYOND excited.

This is the possibility of my first ever catering job. It’s for a friend, so it won’t be too pricy, but it’s going to be an experience nonetheless! I really hope that this all goes through. I’ve been looking at recipes all night!

It just comes to show what a few words can do. I feel like lately everything has been falling into place. It’s such a wonderful feeling!

Hey Hi Hello!

Testing… One two… Testing… …Is this site working now? Well, if it is… fantastic! I’ve been working hard to get this up and running for quite some time now! I guess I should start this blog with a little introduction, am I right? Hi! My name’s Annie. […]