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Our First Christmas Dinner | ONE COOK, TWO BOOKS | Greek Fava and Grape Salsa with Mint

When it comes to December, my family goes all out. Christmas music is always playing, Christmas decorations are everywhere, and we all wear Christmas-Themed clothing.   I had quite an exhausting day. When I did finally get home this night, I decided that it would […]

A Brief Photo Diary of Missed Recipes!

Well hello there viewers! Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m just writing a very brief post that I promised to write. Though I continued on my journey with the cook-through challenge, I began to post less and less. These following pictures are of recipes […]

The Weather is Weird, Sometimes | Fasolakia | Roasted Salmon | Apple Fennel Salsa | Radish, Watercress, and Basil Salad | One Cook, Two Books

Compared to yesterday, today’s weather was completely different. I’m not sure if it was because of a combination of the fans blowing throughout the house and the dismal, rainy outside, but lunch time today called for some sort of warm, comfort food.


My brother, Jake, and I spent the morning binge watching a series on netflix. He and my parents left mid afternoon to go shopping for his dorm room supplies, leaving me to do whatever I needed to do for the day.


Spoiler Alert: I did essentially nothing.


The one thing that I did end up doing was cooking Mina Stone’s Fasolakia, or Braised Green Beans in Tomato and Olive Oil. I was a little nervous because the recipe seemed to be minimal in ingredients. Normally that would not alarm me, but the thing is… there were no real spices. Bay leaves, salt, and pepper. That’s it.


There was not a lot of active time for this recipe, so while it cooked I continued to neglect my school-related responsibilities and sat on my phone. Fast forward a little over an hour, and I went back to the pot of simmering veggies. I turned off the heat, poured an almost absurd amount of olive oil over the meal, and then served myself some.

Let me tell you: I was shocked at how amazing the dish turned out. I was so excited, in fact, that I ended up texting my mom begging her to get home soon so that she could try it too. I completely doubted this recipe, and regret that completely. This recipe was full of flavour, and the olive oil gave it an incredibly smooth texture.

The warmth, flavour, and texture all lead to an incredibly delicious dish for a cool summer afternoon.


But… what about the evening? I had more planned to cook to get rid of some ingredients in my fridge.


I knew I was going to be making Mina’s Roasted Salmon because the recipe was super fast and convenient, with minimal ingredients and tons of flavour. I let it cook for the required time, but found it was a little too raw on the inside for my family’s liking. We turned on the broiler and let it sit under there for a few minutes just to cook it through a little longer. While it cooked, I made Mina’s Apple Fennel Salsa and Radish, Watercress, and Basil Salad.

Everything turned out absolutely phenomenal, and all flavours meshed perfectly. My dad was awestruck at the salmon. Such simple ingredients gave it such a great flavour!

I was nervous about the Apple Fennel Salsa, because last time I had fennel (aka when I was like… in middle school) I absolutely detested it. Somehow, this salsa worked. The crunch from the fennel, and its fresh flavour was magnificent. The sweetness from the soft apple was scrumptious. The tartness from the lime added just the right zing to cut through the apple.

The Radish, Watercress, and Basil Salad was delicious as well. I called it “Stew Leonard’s in a Salad” because all of the flavours combined remind me of what Stew Leonard’s smells like. Is that weird?


Not to me, it’s not.

Anyways. The meal was perfect. We have a lot of leftovers which I’m guessing will end up turning into salmon patties topped with the salad and salsa, but we shall see!

The Hottest Day of Vacation So Far | Spanish Style Gazpacho | One Cook, Two Books

Well my friends… This is it. Thursday, August 17th was the hottest day of the Summer so far. Or at least, that’s how it felt.   I’m guessing it’s because we have had guests over for the past week and we’ve been spending the majority […]

The First was Burnt, the Second was Underdone | Tah-Dig with Pistachios, Apricots, and Caramelized Onions | One Cook, Two Books

Remember back when I made Mina Stone’s Potato Tah-Dig and failed miserably because I forgot I was cooking it and burned the entire potato bottom? Well, I told myself that today when I tried to cook her Tah-Dig with Pistachios, Apricots, and Caramelized Onions that I would have a successful dish that was not going to be burnt to a crisp.


Well… I surely did not burn it… Because I do not think I cooked it enough.


This recipe is rather similar to the first Tah-Dig that I made, only this time instead of it having a potato crust there is a mixture of caramelized onions, pistachios, and apricots not only baked through the dish, but topped as well.


I started with making that mixture. While the rice was cooking I think I might have eaten three or four spoonfuls of the mixture before even adding it to the rice. The sweetness from the apricots worked incredibly well with the toasty, saltiness from the onions. The pistachio added just the right crunch that was needed.


Anyways, I did not cook it long enough because… well… when I flipped it a bunch of plain old cooked white rice spilled everywhere. No crispy bottom.

I felt a little defeated at that moment so just decided to eat it the way it was. Even so, the flavour was so absolutely amazing that I plan on definitely trying this again.

Mina, I promise you this: I’m going to keep making this dish until I get it right!

I Think My Taste Buds are Changing | Spicy Chickpea Stew | One Cook, Two Books

One of two things is going one. One: Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, one ingredient that I use very sparingly, is not as spicy as it used to be. Two: Crushed Red Pepper Flakes are no longer as spicy because I am more accustomed to spicy […]