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Our First Christmas Dinner | ONE COOK, TWO BOOKS | Greek Fava and Grape Salsa with Mint

When it comes to December, my family goes all out. Christmas music is always playing, Christmas decorations are everywhere, and we all wear Christmas-Themed clothing.


I had quite an exhausting day. When I did finally get home this night, I decided that it would be best to change into my Christmas Footie Pajamas I found at a local thrift store, and spend the evening cooking. Mina Stone came in handy once again!


It was recommended to me that I eat fish twice a week. My family and I decided that we would be eating salmon tonight, which gave me the opportunity to test out two of Mina’s recipes.

The first that I made was Greek Fava, or Yellow Lentils with Lemon and Olive Oil. I was a bit confused when I started this recipe because… well… there were no Fava beans! It turns out that this dish is usually eaten as a mezes, to be served along side other small bites. Mina also recommends using it as a side for fish, so I went ahead and did that!


The Fava was spectacular. The consistency was a little runnier than it was supposed to be, but the flavour was there! The lemon gave a perfect tartness, capers gave a brininess, and the red onions gave the bite. It was a mixture of so much and yet somehow it all worked together perfectly.

I also served her Grape Salsa with Mint as a side. It was very similar to her mango salsa, only a little crisper due to the mint. I threw that baby right on top of the salmon and scarfed it down.

A delicious meal surrounded by Christmas decorations, Christmas music, and family was a spectacular way to end an exhausting day.

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