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Happy August!

With a new month ahead of me, new ideas have coated my mind the way a nice hot ganache melts over a cake (wow, I’m craving chocolate so badly right now.)

Great opportunities have been arising within the past week that I hope to continue all this month.

  • I’ve started this blog.
  • I’ve been cooking so much more which I love.
  • I may be catering my friend’s birthday party.
  • I’m beginning to write my cook book.
  • I may be featured in my friend’s youtube video (obviously based around food because what else do I seem to talk about?)

So much has been happening. I’m shocked that I have yet to feel overwhelmed, though I promise you it hasn’t crossed my mind that maybe one day in the near future there may be a moment of panic!

Breathe, Annie. Breathe.

This upcoming week alone has some exciting activities! I’m hosting a “granola” party for my friends. I’m trying to perfect my granola recipe, so I’m going to make all different sorts of granola and they are going to help me choose which is the best, or how to mix some to create the best granola recipe I can.

Also, with work being closed for the week, I’m going to be devoting a lot of time to my cook book which means a whole bunch of cooking is under way!

And not only that, but now is the time to also focus on just relaxing. A little yoga added to every day to increase my zen isn’t too bad of an idea either!

Who else is excited for what August has in store for us?

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