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Warm Welcome

My lovely readers, I’m back!

I apologize for completely disappearing from my blog for so long, let alone right in the middle of a challenge! Towards the end of the Summer I began to spread myself too thin between this blog, my youtube channel, my family, my boyfriend, my job, school, and planning my future. I had to essentially cut everything down to the bare minimum and restart. That meant goodbye youtube, goodbye blog, goodbye boyfriend, goodbye to the majority of my work shifts.

Luckily now I have spent time to focus on myself, and can now slowly but surely pick up the pieces!

By now, I have already posted my first youtube video since August. It gives a very brief recap of everything that has been happening in my life in the past few months such as the very challenging break up, the friendships I’ve gained, and the life I want to fulfill.

I’m going to be honest. The past few months have been very confusing and challenging, but I am more than happy to say that I am finally finding myself and who I want to become. It’s such an amazing feeling to finally begin feel comfortable in my shoes!

What is to come on this blog

I have quite a few things planned that I want to cover on this blog in the next few months:
1 – I want to finish my cook through. Though I have failed the challenge, I still want to complete every dish from Mina Stone’s Cooking for Artists. I’m going to post a general update of her meals to my blog, for there are a ton that I made but did not share on the blog! Then I will continue to make more of her dishes and review them.
2 – Product Reviews. I have a ton of products I have been meaning to review that I have not gotten around to. Now is the time to do this. I’m kind of excited.
3 – I want to get a little more personal with you! It’s time for me to share a little more about myself by posting some personal posts as well.
4 – There’s so much more to come guys. I promise. I’m so excited!

Alright, so that’s it for now. Time to go to the gym with my best friend, Jack! When I return I shall be posting my challenge update as well as a little something else. Stay healthy, and stay tuned!


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