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The Hottest Day of Vacation So Far | Spanish Style Gazpacho | One Cook, Two Books

Well my friends… This is it. Thursday, August 17th was the hottest day of the Summer so far. Or at least, that’s how it felt.


I’m guessing it’s because we have had guests over for the past week and we’ve been spending the majority of our time outside on the patio. Our timing seems to correlate to when the sun is at an angle in which our umbrellas are deemed useless. I watched from the kitchen on countless occasions as the umbrellas would end up being shuffled around, and my family was huddled in the small section of shade that they could get.


Anyways, I happened to put on a cute outfit yesterday. It was a nice flowy top with long sleeves and an open back, nice platform flats… and jeans. When we arrived home from our excursions and sat down to relax, I regretted my outfit. I also happened to be too lazy and not motivated enough to move, even as the sun slowly crept its way onto my already hot body.


Okay, enough is enough. Time for lunch to cool us down.


I have to say, I could not be more relieved that I had scheduled Mina Stone’s Spanish Style Gazpacho for lunch today. What better day than the hottest day of the summer to enjoy a cold, refreshing soup?


We make gazpacho all summer where I work. It turns out… we make it quite wrong. Mina’s recipe called for soaking bread that would then be added to the soup. I had only heard of this once before, when a customer asked if we do that with our gazpacho. Our answer was no.


That sounds a bit silly, right? A bread bakery not using bread in their gazpacho?


We try to keep our soups free of gluten, so that’s the only reason why I see us not doing it. I’m alright with that because it gave me the opportunity to experience something new! The recipe was super easy. I also went to my garden and used the first San Marzano tomatoes of the season in the soup. I let it chill a bit, and then it was time for serving!


Something else I had never heard of doing was putting ice in the gazpacho. I questioned this and was a bit concerned, relating it to how some people put ice in their milk and cereal, but followed the recipe.


Boy am I happy I did.

The ice truly cooled down the soup even more than my refrigerator did.

That was a dumb statement. Obviously it cooled it down more. It’s ice.


Anyways, the now even more chilled soup was perfect in the midsummer heat. Everyone devoured their soup, and I even sent our guests home with some.

This is going to be a new summer staple.

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