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The First was Burnt, the Second was Underdone | Tah-Dig with Pistachios, Apricots, and Caramelized Onions | One Cook, Two Books

Remember back when I made Mina Stone’s Potato Tah-Dig and failed miserably because I forgot I was cooking it and burned the entire potato bottom? Well, I told myself that today when I tried to cook her Tah-Dig with Pistachios, Apricots, and Caramelized Onions that I would have a successful dish that was not going to be burnt to a crisp.


Well… I surely did not burn it… Because I do not think I cooked it enough.


This recipe is rather similar to the first Tah-Dig that I made, only this time instead of it having a potato crust there is a mixture of caramelized onions, pistachios, and apricots not only baked through the dish, but topped as well.


I started with making that mixture. While the rice was cooking I think I might have eaten three or four spoonfuls of the mixture before even adding it to the rice. The sweetness from the apricots worked incredibly well with the toasty, saltiness from the onions. The pistachio added just the right crunch that was needed.


Anyways, I did not cook it long enough because… well… when I flipped it a bunch of plain old cooked white rice spilled everywhere. No crispy bottom.

I felt a little defeated at that moment so just decided to eat it the way it was. Even so, the flavour was so absolutely amazing that I plan on definitely trying this again.

Mina, I promise you this: I’m going to keep making this dish until I get it right!

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