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I Think My Taste Buds are Changing | Spicy Chickpea Stew | One Cook, Two Books

One of two things is going one. One: Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, one ingredient that I use very sparingly, is not as spicy as it used to be.

Two: Crushed Red Pepper Flakes are no longer as spicy because I am more accustomed to spicy food, so I am able to use more of it in my cooking.


I’m thinking it’s closer to the second option, because even with the jalapenos in all of Mina Stone’s recipes it is not uncomfortably spicy the way jalapenos used to be. Now, both Red Pepper Flakes and jalapenos do not add so much uncomfortable heat to the dish, but add a gentle heat with a wonderful flavour.


I’m pretty okay with that.


So today we had a lovely family day. My brother (for once) hung out with us, so he got to choose the movie.He chose The Last Samurai. Ever seen it? It’s pretty good.


I decided that I was going to make Mina’s Spicy Chickpea Stew today because it was a comforting day, and a comforting day calls for a comfy stew.


The process to create this dish was actually very interesting. Even after I soaked my chickpeas overnight, the recipe called to soak them again for a bit of time. This time, they were to sit while being coated in baking soda. Apparently, the act of letting them sit with the baking soda actually softens the chickpeas even more. When I did some research as to why this is a thing, the name Yotam Ottolenghi kept showing up, because apparently this method was created by Yotam. Overall, this process ends up making the chickpeas much softer at the end, which is why many do this when making hummus.

I loved the stew when it was all done. The texture of these extra soft chickpeas was something that I had never experienced before. I was nervous because the title has the word Spicy in it but, honestly, it soup was not that spicy even after having both a jalapeno and hot red pepper flakes in it.


I’m definitely going to be making this recipe again. There was a lot of inactive cooking time so I was able to continue to be with the family while it cooked, and the texture reminds me of something I would love to have on a cool day snuggled by the fire.


Next time I’m going to try and make it a bit spicier!

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