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Something Super Exciting Happened Today.

I was posting a picture to my instagram of my cheese making experience, tributing my progress in cooking to my mom and dad. I hadn’t realized how much I had been posting about food on my instagram until I got a text from my friend. She jokingly asked me to be her private chef.

I (half) jokingly told her if she ever needed me to cater her I would. And that’s when something awesome happened.

She responded, extremely excited (at least, I think so… you can’t easily tell emotions via text. Especially when no Emojis are being used) talking about how fun it would be if I catered desserts for her birthday party. Before I could even say yes, she was saying how we must sit down and plan it out.

Of course, I am BEYOND excited.

This is the possibility of my first ever catering job. It’s for a friend, so it won’t be too pricy, but it’s going to be an experience nonetheless! I really hope that this all goes through. I’ve been looking at recipes all night!

It just comes to show what a few words can do. I feel like lately everything has been falling into place. It’s such a wonderful feeling!

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