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RECIPE | S’Mores Bites | Happy National S’Mores Day!

Ah, S’mores. Along with watermelon, ice cream, and BBQ, S’mores is (are?) a summer staple. What better day to make them then on National S’mores Day? Who even comes up with these holidays?


If you haven’t heard of s’mores, then I am very sorry. Hopefully after reading this post you will feel the need to create a campfire, roast some marshmallows, and dig into some of these delicious, sweet, sandwiches!


Before we get into the recipe, let’s have a little talk. Who even created s’mores?


S’MORES: A Brief History

There were a few items in particular that came before s’mores, but were very similar. The first precursor is Victorian-era Funeral Cakes. These were specifically prepared upon the death of loved ones, and sometimes consisted of chocolate and marshmallow. Besides the cakes, Mallomars (picture a s’more in cookie form) were created in 1913. Following that was the creation of Moonpies.


1927 marks the year of the invention of S’mores. They were featured in the Girl Scout guidebook “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts,” a book that would give advice on how to be a proper girlscout. At the time, this delicious treat was called “Some More” and was continuously being called that until at least 1971.


I wonder who changed it to the official “S’mores” name…



If you were to see my pinterest, you would see one board in particular that I hold near and dear in my heart. I created this board to specifically house recipes, from all over the world wide web, that focus on S’mores, Doughnuts, and Hot Chocolate.


Those are my three guilty pleasures.


Being National S’mores Day, I decided to take this opportunity to follow along with one of the recipes on that board!


I followed along with The First Year’s S’mores Bites recipe for one batch of s’mores, but for the second I decided to change up the ingredients a little bit to see how they would differ from one another.


How do our recipes differ?


For my version of the recipe I opted to use MI-DEL 100% Whole Wheat Honey Grahams. I also used Dandies All Natural marshmallows, which happen to be vegetarian (applause) and Endangered Species Chocolate. What’s awesome about this chocolate is that 10% of net profits are donated to nonprofit partners that protect and preserve wildlife. How cool is that?


Anyways, onto the s’mores bites!

So here we have two different types of S’mores Bites. We have the original recipe, and my version with different ingredients.


Both won for different reasons.


As you can see, the vegetarian marshmallows really did not expand and toast up in the oven the way the original recipe bites did. It was quite unfortunate. The marshmallows from the original recipe, on the other hand, expanded, toasted, and were incredibly oozy and gooey when biting into them.

Seriously. Look at that marshmallow string. You won’t get that from the vegetarian marshmallows.


Other than that, I think that it was a great choice to use MI-DEL’s honey grahams and the Endangered Species Chocolate. Less chocolate was needed (the pieces were smaller) but there was a deeper chocolate flavour. And they were much more melty. The graham crackers also had a toastier flavour, and were also a bit salty in flavour. It created a kind of sweet-and-salty thing going on, which is something that I love!


So if I were to do this all over again, I would use MI-DEL’s graham crackers, Endangered Species Chocolate, and a regular non-vegetarian marshmallow.


That would create the ultimate s’mores bite.


Seriously, this was a delicious recipe to get to make for National S’mores day. I can’t wait to try out another recipe. Thank you, The First Year, for sharing such a wonderful recipe!


I also decided to record this experience and post it to Youtube. Feel free to check out the video!

(Find the original recipe here)

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