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I Made the Perfect Outdoor Dinner Indoors | “Grilled” Whole Fish – Greek Style | Latholemono | Heirloom Tomatoes with Feta and Mint | One Cook, Two Books

Not every Summer  day can be warm and sunny. Some days have to be rainy too!


I planned two lovely recipes to make today in hopes that it would be another warm evening, but the weather decided to change yesterday. Today, like the rest of the upcoming week, is supposed to be in the 70s and cloudy. That’s not quite optimal for eating outside late at night, but I guess I have to work with what I have been given!


Tonight I made three of Mina Stone’s recipes:


“Grilled” Whole Fish – Greek Style

Latholemono (Olive Oil and Lemon Dressing)

Heirloom Tomatoes with Feta and Mint


I think one thing in particular that I really enjoyed about these recipes were how they didn’t take much time to make when made all together. All of the recipes synced perfectly and ended up finishing around the same time!


I started with the fish.

I have NEVER cooked something like this before in my life, let alone even held a whole fish. The local fishmonger was a lot of help with both picking a fish and even gave me some advice for future recipes. Though the recipe called for the spine to be taken out later, he asked if I just wanted it done now. Because this was the first time I was going to be making a whole fish, I opted for him to just do it for me… Ease me into the process of whole fish cooking!


Mind you, I also realized that I messed up. Big time. The recipe called for one fish per person…


…but I only bought one fish.


To split between four people.


Luckily enough we had some Codd in our freezer, so we pulled that out and seasoned it the same way we did the whole fish.

As the whole fish went to the broiler, I made the Latholemono sauce. It was a very simple seasoned lemon olive oil. I actually made a little more than what the recipe called for because my father just made fresh bread and I knew we would need some extra for dipping when the time came!

Finished the sauce. Flipped the fish. Time to begin the tomatoes!


I was very excited for this dish, and have been since I saw the picture in the cook book. The tomatoes look so simple, yet when looking at the ingredients I knew that they were going to be packed with enormous flavour.


And I was right. They sure were.

I set up all of the dishes on our small kitchen table. It was like having an indoor garden party! I automatically started eating the tomato dish because that was what I was most anxiously waiting for. Boy, I’m glad I started with that. The brine from the feta and the olives really complimented the tang from the micro greens, and by having only fresh ingredients the taste of the olive oil really stood out.

That’s always super important. If you spend a lot of money on a good olive oil, you want to be able to taste that olive oil in your dishes. I sure did in this one!

I think I also lucked out with the fish. We split the whole fish into four pieces and filled the rest of our plates with Codd. Everyone at the table seemed to have quite a lot of bones in their fish… yet somehow I had only one.


I think it was karma giving me luck for cooking dinner.


And I’ll accept that.


So the dreary, cold, rainy day turned out to be a wonderful indoor experience. The combination of the weather with the comfort of being in close quarters was the perfect atmosphere.


Honestly… I kind of hope it’s going to be the same tomorrow when I cook soup, the most comforting food there is!

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