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I Made the Fluffiest Rice I’ve Ever Made in My Life! | Tartines with Parmesan, Honey, and Thyme | Saffron Rice | Persian Chicken Stew | One Cook, Two Books

Today’s fun began at 5:30 in the morning.


I was awakened by a large rumble. Opening my eyes, I could see green-purple clouds looming out my window. The sky continued to boom as I attempted to go back to sleep. When the loud rain came, I couldn’t just sit around anymore.


I mean, I could have… but I was scared that we had left something outside in the rain. When I went to go double check to make sure nothing was left out, my mother was already downstairs.


Turns out she couldn’t sleep either!


We sat downstairs, 5:45 or so in the morning by now, and just… talked… We made coffee, we played cards, we gossiped, and then we decided that we might as well have some fun and made some granola!


After our granola adventures I went to my local bakery to pick up some bread for lunch. I was expecting my sister, Fay, to be over around noon and needed to have something for her to make! I picked up a semolina baguette, something I had yet to have from the bakery.


Boy, was I missing out! The bread is perfectly crisp on the outside. The sesame seeds were toasted just enough to give a little extra flavour without being burnt. The bread itself was spongy and airy, and I knew exactly what I was going to make with it.


Mina Stone came to the rescue again, for I decided to make Tartines with Parmesan, Honey, and Thyme.


My sister came over around noon today which I was super excited for. She was there watching as I made my seared duck breast for myself, so I was BEYOND excited to be able to finally cook something for her. By the time she arrived I had taken the toast out of the oven. It only took me a matter of minutes to put it all together, then we were ready to eat!

These things were delicious. I used acacia honey which was very light in colour and thin enough that it was able to cover the toasts much more evenly than a thicker honey. Using fresh thyme from my garden was an added benefit as well, especially because thyme is one of my favourite herbs.The only struggle I had with this dish was properly cutting up my parmesan. I tried at first with a grater but the cheese crumbled. I then used a knife but it was a bit frightening. I switched over to a vegetable peeler last, and that’s what ended up working best!

So fast forward to after lunch, after our movie, and after my workout. It was dinner time.


I had a plan to make a huge dinner for my sister, but she ended up leaving a little earlier than I expected, and I did not start cooking dinner until around 5:00. I decided that I was going to make Persian Chicken Stew with Saffron Rice as a side. Mina Stone explains that the Persian Stew is very similar in flavor to her Kokkinisto, so after that being successful I was anxious to try this recipe!


Alas, this recipe reminded me that I am not a fan of whole chickens. It not only freaked me out to have to take apart an entire bird, but was also stressful. Everything was slippery and slimy and the knife was not something fun to be struggling with.


I let my mom take over cutting the chicken up.


Chicken was in, time to start the rice.


Mina explains in her Saffron Rice recipe to wrap the lid of the rice pot in a towel. This captures the steam causing the rice to become fluffier once cooked.


I kid you not.


That was the FLUFFIEST rice I have ever cooked.


I’m not kidding. I was so excited about it that I screamed out to my neighbors how fluffy my rice was. None of them answered of course, but my guess is that they were just jealous that they couldn’t have any of my fluffy rice.




Fluffy a-f.

Serving time came! I decided to seat everyone outside like I have been doing recently when I make large dinners. It was a little cooler out tonight, but the heat from the stew kept us warm. Overall the flavor profile of the broth was really yummy. The seasonings were more pronounced in the chicken than the broth itself, but that’s okay. The best part? That the green beans were still perfectly crisp after cooking for over an hour.

Together the fluffy rice and chicken worked very well. To cool down the dish we also had some homemade tzatziki on the side. One day I’ll share that recipe with you. I promise. Oh, and we also finished up that semolina baguette with the meal as well. Who wouldn’t want bread to sop up all that delicious liquid?


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