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I Am Not a Three Helping Girl, But Today I Was. | Kokkinisto | One Cook, Two Books

I was so incredibly excited with the outcome of this dish that I got mad my boyfriend wasn’t here to share it with me.


Food is kind of a big deal for me, but never so much that I was upset for not being able to share it. Has that ever happened to any of you? That you’ve gotten mad for not being able to share?


I really have no idea what it was about this dish in particular that made me want to share it with David, but the fact that he wasn’t here to enjoy it with my family really got to me. Maybe it’s the warmth of the meal. Maybe it was the uniqueness of it. Maybe it was because he looked skinnier than usual today and I thought he needed to eat a little more.

Nah, it was definitely just because it tasted so darn good.


Mind you, I am not a red meat eater. Never really have been a fan of it. Knowing that I had to make Kokkinisto or Braised Beef with Tomatoes, Cinnamon, and Cloves already set a tone in my mind that I would not like the dish.


Uhm. Awkward. I was wrong. It was fantastic. I was ashamed of myself for going back for a third helping, and even more taken aback when I ended up literally licking my plate clean.

The recipe was minimal, yet there was so much flavor packed into each piece of beef. I had mine served over rice, though the recipe says to serve with pasta. I was under the impression I could cook up some pasta tomorrow and eat it with the leftovers (Mina states this is better made a day ahead because as it sits the flavors get richer) but alas, there are no leftovers for me to eat!


Bummer. Guess I will have to make it again, eh?

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