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Mistakes Happen | Tah-Dig with Potato Crust | Red Cabbage, Pistachio, and Mint | One Cook, Two Books

Note: the events discussed in this post occurred Wednesday, August 2nd. Being a stressed out college student, I’ve been wrapped up in school work and have not been able to post to my blog until today. My apologies!


There are some days that just don’t happen to go right. Maybe one day you break something. Maybe one day you lose something. Maybe one day you burn something.


Or a lot of things.


That was my day today.


I believe I went into today’s dinner a bit overconfident after my amazing Chicken Kebabs and Corn Salad that I made a few nights prior. Making Mina Stone’s Tah-Dig with Potato Crust and Red Cabbage, Pistachio, and Mint salad were tasks that I took for granted. In the process of making these dishes I not only failed with the tah-dig “flip” (I shall explain, I promise) but also failed at monitoring some simple ingredients.


Let us begin with the Tah-Dig. What is that exactly? Sometimes called “Persian Stuck Pot Rice”, this dish involves frying parboiled basmati rice to the bottom of a pan while continuing to took the rest of the rice all the way through. In the end, you flip the dish over on a plate which makes the fried side face up. In Mina Stone’s recipe, there is a potato crust on top of the rice. Sounds delicious, right?

Well, it was. Besides the fact that I forgot that I was cooking it and burnt most of the potato to a crisp. I believe I forgot about it while shelling pistachios for the Red Cabbage salad. I failed with this dish a second time when it came to flipping it over. I wasn’t too upset with this one, though, because Mina warned that it does not always work out. I was just bummed that I burnt it more than anything.

Oh, while I was focussed so much on trying to figure out some way to fix this unfixable problem… I was burning the pistachios that I had been toasting for the salad.


So then I had to retoast those as well.

Flavorwise, the Tah-Dig was still very yummy. It was a little extra toasty in some places, but I was able to pick around any super toasty areas. My dad actually loved the burnt stuff, so we saved that all for him.


The salad was nice as well. It was a little plain for my liking and I felt it could have used a little more pistachios (because who doesn’t think that about pistachios?) but all in all it was satisfying. I ended up finishing it the next day.


It was a stressful dinner to make. The end result ended up alright, though I know I could have done better. Next time I cook I will definitely have to focus more!


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