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I Used to be Afraid of Parsley | Herb Salad with Feta and Toasted Almonds | One Cook, Two Books

Note: the events discussed in this post occurred Tuesday, July 25. Being a stressed out college student, I’ve been wrapped up in school work and have not been able to post to my blog until today. My apologies!


As with many of the lovely recipes by Mina Stone, today’s recipe called for something I had never heard of before. An herb salad.


Herb Salad with Feta and Toasted Almonds, in case you wanted to know the full name of the recipe.


Now, I assumed that this salad was going to involve mixed greens and then some herbs and maybe some added vegetables. Boy, was I wrong. When Mina Stone says herb salad, she. Means. Herb. Salad.

As in a salad made only of herbs.I was terrified. Parsley is definitely up there on the list of herbs that I am quite picky with, so making an entire salad based on the green? How on earth was that going to turn out well?


Between you and me, mighty interweb, it actually turned out marvelously. The combination of the sharpness of the herbs, with the brininess of the feta and the softness of the toasted almonds created the perfect salad. All of the flavours worked wonderfully hand in hand.

The next day I had the salad with leftover quinoa and a lemon yogurt poppy seed dressing. The combination of the salad with the pop of the quinoa and sweetness of the dressing was splendid! This is one salad I do see myself making again and again.

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