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A Single Recipe with Multiple Lessons | Kotosoupa | One Cook, Two Books

Of all the recipes in this book, this is the one that I have been waiting the most anxiously to do.


The first time I ever had Kotosoupa, was just within the past year. I was visiting my dad’s family in long island. There, I had a full, authentic, Greek feast. I think I ate more that day than I have any day in my life, and I could not be more proud. The best part of all of that food? The strange soup that was set right in front of me first thing at the dinner table. It was only after I took the first taste that my face lit up. My mom and I locked eyes. It was avgolemono!


Kotosoupa, though I know it as avgolemono, is a greek chicken soup that is thickened by using incredibly beaten eggs, and spiked with lemon.I used to originally have this in the form of meatballs. My favourite meal, still to this day, are greek meatballs that are backed in the avgolemono sauce. It’s thick and creamy, and I love it over rice.


I could not be more happy to get an opportunity to try out an authentic Kotosoupa recipe. Little did I know that it was a lot more complicated than I thought…


I started by making homemade chicken broth. This in of itself was a new task that I have never done. In fact, today is the first day of my life that I have ever held an entire chicken carcass. Bittersweet moment: Sweet, because it was something new. Bitter… because I have chickens and I now know what it feels like to hold one without feathers… and a head… and a life.


But I am drifting off from the purpose of this post. The soup.

The most time consuming part of this entire meal was definitely making the stock. After that, the entire thing took no more than about five minutes. After adding the rest of the ingredients to the stock, I had to whisk eggs, temper the eggs another new task,) and then add them back into the broth.


This is where things started going wrong.


I don’t know if it was just me, but I believe I had too much broth. The amount of eggs required in the recipe was definitely not enough to thicken my soup. At all. I also had not whisked it enough, for it was not the weird but captivating frothy texture the soup was supposed to be.

It was actually quite upsetting to taste the soup after it was done and know that it tasted right but also know that it was not the right texture.


Even so, I’m left with a few quarts of soup now. I’m going to try different methods on how to thicken it throughout the week.


Lessons learned from this one recipe:

– Homemade stock is awesome. No matter how much I was not interested in holding a whole chicken, the process of actually making my own stock and knowing what’s in it to make it flavourful was super fun.

– Tempering eggs. I feel like I may have done this before, but I can’t think back in my mind as to what recipe I would have needed to do this. I know I’ve made slurries before to heat up ingredients before adding them to a large batch, but I just can’t seem to recall doing it with eggs… let’s just say this is the first time I’ve ever done it.

– Potential teachings! The only way I will enjoy this soup is if I can figure out the proper texture. With the large amount of soup I have left, I have multiple shots at trying different methods to thicken soup. I can’t wait to see which one is going to work best!


So that’s about all that I have for today. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of Mina’s recipes. I missed this.

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