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Recipe: Sriracha and Curry Roasted Chickpeas (A Great Travel Snack!)

Last month I was going on an eleven-and-a-half-hour-long car ride to Michigan with my family. Normally we stock up on usual snacks: Twizzlers, Chex Mix, Cheetos… all the sorts. This time around I opted for something a little different… I decided that I was going to be the one to cook all of the snacks! And the first on that list? These amazing babies:

What we have here is something called “Sriracha and Lime Roasted Chickpeas.” I’m not the biggest fan of chickpeas because of their texture, but these passed my test! They tasted phenomenal. The chickpeas still had heir soft texture inside like that as if they were not roasted, but the outside peeled and got an incredibly toasty flavor (along with the Sriracha-Lime flavor as well!)


How could one resist something that looks so incredibly delicious?! They were incredibly easy to make. I essentially threw all the ingredients in a bowl, mixed them with the chickpeas, and then threw them in the oven!


Just a heads up… The super dark, toasty ones? Those are the yummiest.
DSC00298You can find the recipe here at The Simple Veganista, one of my favorite blogs to read!

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