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I Made Myself My Own Birthday Cake??

And I’m extremely proud of it.
It, as in making my own “birthday cake.”
I won’t really call it a birthday cake though… It wasn’t shaped like a normal birthday cake. It didn’t taste like a normal birthday cake. It didn’t have candles like a birthday cake does! (Though, shout out to my best friend Cassidy for buying my a 2 and a 1 candle… cause I turned 21!)

No… this was a special kind of cake. A cake from my pinterest board called “I can make this?” A board where I store hundreds of complicated looking recipes that I challenge myself to do!

I would have to say. This was quite a successful recipe.


Now enter: Angel Food Cake with Coconut Whipped Cream and a Grapefruit Syrup!

DSC00220Just look at how magnificent this turned out! And it was quite the experience to make. Not only was it the first cake I’ve made from scratch in years, but it was also the first ever ANGEL FOOD cake that I’ve ever made. Not the easiest way to start out a challenge…. But still fun.

The cake itself did not rise enough. I blame that on not whipping the egg whites enough. The only other struggle I had with making the cake base was that the recipe called for Cake Flour… which I had none of. Instead I substituted regular flour with some Baking Powder… something I found on Pinterest. Thank you, Pinterest.

DSC00218The grapefruit syrup was really easy to make, but honestly not my favourite. It was too sweet and not grapefruity enough! Next time I make this– Because I am SO TOTALLY MAKING THIS AGAIN– I will definitely add more grapefruit juice and not reduce it as much as I did. With the amount of reducing I gave the syrup, it turned into a “grapefruit flavoured liquid sugar” rather than a “grapefruit syrup.” Lesson learned.

DSC00212The absolute most fun part of this cake making experience was definitely making the coconut whipped cream. I needed full fat coconut milk which I then cooled in the fridge overnight. Afterwards, I was instructed to flip the can upside down and take the coconut fat that had separated from the water) and whip it to the desired consistency.

Let me tell you guys…

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

The coconut milk didn’t separate as well as the pictures showed it would. It wasn’t whipping how I expected it to. I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for! But after a while I decided to wing it, and added a little confectioner’s sugar to the mix. Not sure if that’s what helped or not, but some sort of switch flipped in the process and BAM! I was left with delicious coconut whipped cream.


So to sum up all new experiences I had in just this one recipe:

-I learned to whip egg whites.

-I learned to make Angel Food Cake from scratch.

-I learned to make superfine sugar (one of the ingredients)

-I learned to make home-made cake flour.

-I learned how to make coconut whipped cream.

-I learned how to make simple syrup.

Look at that… that’s 6 new things I learned in the process of making ONE recipe. It’s great to step out of your comfort zone because there is always a chance to learn new things around every corner. And even with the problems I faced I had such a blast making this recipe!

I enjoyed the cake with the whipped cream alone. My family enjoyed smothering it in the syrup. I’m definitely going to make this one of my staple recipes.

If you want the recipe, you can find it here!

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