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If You Are What You Eat, Then I Am Most Certainly Granola.

The past few days I have been trying to master my granola recipe. I’ve tried scratch granola, banana bread granola, applesauce granola, and even oil-free granola.

It’s been quite hectic trying to find a good recipe for my cookbook, but I finally think I’m getting somewhere! All of the recipes I’ve made thus far I’ve enjoyed. Now I just have to find others who may enjoy it as well.

That’s why I hosted a granola party.

Granola Party Granolas!
Granola Party Granolas!

My two coworkers came over earlier this week. We basically sat out on my back porch, listened to music, and ate our weight in granola. Yes, we finally decided to walk it off and traveled long and far all around Georgetown and Branchville. I have to be honest, eating all of that granola was all worth it.

Final verdict: 2/3 of us said that the “oil free” granola was the best. Most likely because it had so much honey and sugar in replacement of the oil. It was also the only recipe I had at that time that had dried fruit in it. 1/3 liked the banana bread granola, which was my original favorite before I made the oil-free one.

So, I must say. The applesauce granola just didn’t work out. A customer warned me: “Don’t use applesauce. It’ll make it mushy.” But I ignored him (I’m sorry, Phillip) and made it anyways. I’m upset that I wasted the large amount of oats, seeing that still days later that is the granola that has the most left, but I’m also happy that I did it. It was a learning experience, and I’m happy to get the mistake out of the way now rather than later on when it could have been a worse time.

Besides. My mom loves the applesauce granola.

I think I’ll leave it to her to finish that batch.

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