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Let’s Travel to France: Tarte au Citron!

It was a very weird day in my baking life. New activities were coming at me left and right, and that was just with this recipe alone…


Version 3

This was such a fun experience… looking back at my baking history, I believe it is in fact the first tart I’ve ever made! And a lemon tart at that!

I did not know until after I made this that Lemon Curd just so happens to be one of my family’s favourite things in the entire world: Lemon tarts, lemon curd, lemon meringue pie… anything lemon and you’ve got my family’s attention.

The recipe was a bit interesting. I know when a pie crust (or tart crust, in this case) is made, you are supposed to let it sit when it’s done being processed. Usually recipes I follow say a few hours, but I know the bakers where I work let them chill overnight. This was a weird recipe… calling for me to boil oil, salt, butter, and sugar all together in the oven before adding it to the dry ingredients… And then using it right away.

Mind you: I’m not as experienced as the bakers I work with, but I found no flavor difference. They found it odd that the instructions told to use it right away.

And for the curd part… delicious. I just wish I let it cook at least two minutes longer… it was a bit soft on the inside.

Oh well! I added it to my “make again” list. This was a fantastic recipe, and a great way to start off my new goal: Bake at least one sweet every week.

If you want the recipe, you can find it here


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