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Month: June 2017

Celebrating Midsummer as a Busy, Broke College Student

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Bagels | One Cook, One Book | Little Beach Street Bakery

Today is the first Sunday of my mother’s Summer Vacation. That also means that today is officially the first Sunday Brunch of the season! My family and I decided that we would do Brunch every Sunday as a way of spending healthy, quality time together. I would have to say that we started off quite successfully, thanks to Jenny Colgan’s Bagels recipe.


There’s not much to say about this recipe, so I think I’ll share it in pictures.


I woke up early, expecting to have to let the dough sit for hours on end. It turns out that luckily, the sitting period was only about 40 minutes total. That being said, I was able to go for a run while the bagels rose!








There was only one really complicated part to the recipe, and that was timing thecooking. After boiling the bagels, the recipe said to bake them at 350 Degrees for 20 minutes. That’s it. Ten minutes on each side, and then you’re done. Well… my bagels were definitely not done. Also, how could I flip them after adding those lovely toppings??


But that’s okay! We figured out the perfect method to bagel making: Bake them with the toppings for 20 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, then hike the temperature up to 400 for another 15 minutes. Then boom. Done. Perfect.

Mom and I also made some “semi-homemade” cream cheese. We took store-bought Neufchatel and added dill and chives, some plain yogurt, and then topped them with chive blossoms because… well… that’s my favourite thing to do now!

So we had homemade bagels, semi-homemade cream cheese, and cowboy coffee.

Cowboy coffee is really cool: You basically take this awesome pitcher and boil the grounds in with the water, for about six minutes. That’s it. Then you’re done! Just don’t forget to use a strainer when pouring yourself a cup. Unless you want a grainy cup o’ joe, that is…


I’m going to be honest. I don’t have much to say about this recipe. Besides the baking time debacle, this recipe was incredibly easy and smooth sailing. I think that, honestly, it was the most successful of all of the recipes thus far! To add to the awesomeness, it was a recipe that brought our family together. A recipe that we are going to be doing much more in the future.


Thank you, Jenny. You started our Brunch season off with a BAM! I fear nothing will top this… But we shall see!


Onto pricing, a rather important part for the college student who only works part time. Aka me.


Jenny Colgan’s Recipe of 8 bagels: $2.90 (or $.36 per bagel)


  • Bakery bagels: $2.25 per bagel
  • Local Supermarket Bagels: $2.00 for 4-pack baked the day before ($.50 per bagel). Fresh are $2.00 for a 3-pack ($.67 per bagel)
  • Thomas’ plain bagels: $4.69 for a 6-pack ($.78 per bagel)


Wow, here we are again with another recipe that is cheaper to make than any of the basic alternatives! And to think, that this recipe is incredibly delicious on top of being few ingredients and handmade. I kid you not when I say these are the best bagels I’ve ever tasted.

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